Monday, 30 May 2011

Knicker Bocker Corey LIVE - Bigger Than Barry


The final Bigger Than Barry in Birmingham was on May 29th at the Old Crown pub in Digbeth..was a very exclusive night with a marquee outdoors with Toddla T, Oneman, Mele, Des Demure, Shorterz, New Jack City, Jordon A.Lott and of course Knicker Bocker Corey, who thankfully recorded his set for us to enjoy! Here it is!

Shouts to all the bigger than barry crew! farewell..

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bigger Than Barry's BBQ! BIRMINGHAM

Come down to the Old Crown Pub in digbeth..Birmingham on Sunday 29th May for exclusive sets from Toddla T, Oneman, Mele & more!!

You can cop your earlybird tickets now for just £5. Once the first 50 are gone they will be £7.50, then £10 on the door.


Dubmatic VS Battles 2011

The next round! Here are the dates for each battle and who vs who! Jungle vs Dubstep..get down for the vibes are CLUB PST in Digbeth!


Rubberdub - 3th June Nottm

Rubberdub's next event is up! This one is on friday 3rd June @ The Market Bar, Hockley, Nottingham city centre!



Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Everyone should use fire extinguishers for this purpose.

You may have seen Kidults name recently, as he hit Supreme's NY Shop! HAHAHA

IP for the vid

G-A - DP001


Another free EP up for download, this one sees PNG's member G-A, with 5 fresh tracks!

1. G-A - DEEP
5. G-A - REACH

Also catch G-A playing out >HERE<

Loft Party Records Introduce: FABLE

Fable is the one to watch this year...hes just got his first vinyl out with Loft Party Records, where you can buy now >HERE< as well as a digital release
Fable - Blak / She Want Dub (Vinyl)
Fable - Mentawl / Exhale

Also fable has done a mix for download aswell..
01. Aftee - Empire (Dub)
02. Goli & Ashburner - Clandestine (Dub)
03. Lowpass - Hotaru (Dub)
04. G.A - Busting Weight (Dub)
05. Skream - Amity Step (Outside The Box)
06. Fable - Blep (Forthcoming Flourish Records)
07. Fable - This Bag Is Not A Toy (PNG003 Free EP)
08. Cyrus - Beatwise (Random Trio Productions)
09. G.A - Tractus (Dub)
10. G.A & Fable - Untitled (Dub)
11. Loefah - Just A Beat (Free Dub)

Also Loft Party Records caught up for Fable for a quick interview (taken from >here<)
Q. With a lot of people that may not have heard of you, just give us a little background on yourself, and what style of DJ/Producer you are?
Hello! Well my real name is Roberto Barcherini and I’ve just turned 20 years old. I’m a straight up deep ‘ed, but I try and vary my production as much as possible.

Q. How long have you been DJ'ing/Producing?
I started making beats since I was about 13, nothing serious just learned the ins and outs on Fruity Loops and went from there.

Q. What got you in to music and where does your musical background originate from?
I don’t really know, when growing up my older brother used to be a garage head as well as listening to rap music. So I used to be around that sort of music constantly but I preferred Rap music at the time so heavily got into that as a teenager.

Q. When and where did you first experience dubstep music or the sound that came to be known as dubstep?
RUBBERDUB! This was a night I used to go to when I was about 16/17. It had 3 rooms, Hip-Hop/Dub, Jungle & Dubstep. Pure vibes, it was the grittiest place. Dark rooms, nothing but bassweight – I miss those nights!

Q. Whats the scenes like in Nottingham currently?

Dubstep has hit Nottingham on a commercial scale – everyone talks about it and there are some big nights held monthly. In the space of about 3 years, Dubstep has grown so much, from being purely underground to now being the music a lot of people want to hear when they go out.

Q. Your also part of PNG can you tell us more about that?
Yeah boiii! PNG = Play No Games crew.
Producers - Myself, Solero, G-A, Copius & N30N
MC’s - Dub Ryda & Pubman
Were all tight mates and formed this group end of last year. Since the beginning we’ve been pushing free EP’s, consisting of about 2 tracks each. We’ve all started to get regular bookings and the PNG name seems to be getting quite good rep and real good feedback in our hometown as well as on forums etc.
Check us out @ - We regularly update it with new beats and free EP’s.

Q. Is there anyone you guys can recommend for further listening?
G.A; He’s a member of the PNG crew. He’s been making beats for a long time and is amazing at what he does. In my eyes it’s hard to be unique but this guy truly has got his own sound that I think no one can touch. In my LPR promo mix there’s a couple of tunes from G.A and also a collab from us.

Q. Whats the best night you have played at so far?

Probably BassLaced in Nottingham, March this year: Newham Generals, N-Type, TC, Silkie, Trolley Snatcha, Exodus, MJ Cole, Lil Silva & FABLE. It was a good line up and straight vibes. I played 3-4am, it was a massive experience and the set went off!

Q. If there was one event you could play at what would it be?
DMZ or Dub War in New York.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mainly the guys who are considered Dubstep pioneers. E.g, Youngsta, Digital Mystikz, Distance... my list could go on and on!

Q. What do you do outside of music?
Erm, work as a waiter haha. I’m off to university in September this year, so should be a big step for me! Also i’ve just started the gym. It’s all about building that six-pack for Croatia haha.

Q. Tell us something we dont know about you?

I talk to myself, ALOT.

Q. If you could pass on any knowledge to up and coming producers/djs. What would it be?
Just keep pushing the boundaries of your sounds. Expose your music, take criticism – constructive or not you will have people trample on you but if you truly feel the sounds your creating then don’t stop.

Q. Whats your most prized possession?

My turntables!

Q. If you could work with any artist (Producer or vocalist) who would it be and why?
Nas. My favourite rapper, even though I don’t really produce rap beats I’m sure we could cook something up haha.

Q. What can we look out from you in the future?

Hopefully more collaborations with all sorts of artists and obviously continuous projects from myself.

Total: From Joy Division to New Order

Released on 6th June, this compilation cd covers some of the more important tracks from Joy Division to its successor New Order, with one previously unreleased New Order track 'Hellbent'.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Vans x Supreme 2011

Supreme are bringing out two styles of Vans at the end of this month!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

BassLaced 3rd Birthday

Another big event to look out for from the BassLaced camp..
In nottingham at Stealth on Friday 10th June - the 3rd birthday bash! Catch a mixture of styles from the likes of Jakwob to Kito! Also, room 2 is hosted by the MIMM family with Dark Sky, Black Wax & more! Grab you tickets asap...also keep it locked for the Silkie album launch in LDN, line up will be posted soon!


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