Thursday, 29 September 2011

Basslaced Podcast 010 - DISMANTLE

Basslaced Podcast 010 is now up for free download. This one sees Dismantle on the guestmix. He is one of the hottest producers out right about now, so this is sure to be a huge mix. Also catch mini mixes / hosts from Standfast & Script MC. Search "Basslaced" in itunes and subscribe! or...


Intro – mixed by Standfast and hosted by Script MC
Guest Mix – Dismantle
1. Hurley – Bus Head
2. Hizzle Guy – Drunk Dub
3. Hizzle Guy – Buck Em Down
4. Hizzle Guy & Dismantle – Try Test
5. Kutz – G742
6. Kutz – Big’n'Bad
7. Munchi – Git Em Rmx
8. 16 Bit – Milky Bar Kid
9. Dismantle – Get On It
10. Hizzle Guy – Prime Time
11. Dismantle – Last Line
12. Soap Dodgers – Rachel Went South
13. Dismantle – The Witch
14. Dismantle – Choked Up
15. Dismantle – Oh My Word
16. Hizzle Guy – Retro Warrior
17. Dismantle – Computation
18. Hizzle Guy – Understand
19. Bolger & Pee Eff – Bloopers
20. Dismantle – More Funk
21. Dismantle – Clone
22. Dismantle – Clone (Hizzle Guy Rmx)
23. Dismantle – Word Dance
24. Munchi – Mini Game
25. Dismantle – Broke
Outro – mixed by Standfast and hosted by Script MC
2. ARC 88 – 2 MANY

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011


Dollop in Nottingham have released a huge line up!


This really is once to catch in Nottingham at Stealth Nightclub on Friday 7th October!


Vans x Supreme - Flies Pack

Vans & Supreme teaming up once again..

Shadow City Presents L U N I C E

Birmingham keeps things rolling with the next Shadow City presenting L U N I C E! Get down to the Rainbow Courtyard in Digbeth on Friday 30th September to catch this showcase. Expect, Bass, Garage, House, Hip Hop, R&B, UK Funky, Grime & Footwork on the night and support from Kicker Bocker Corey, Jordon a.Lott and Becky G.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

25 Sessions

25 Sessions is a new weekly online show featuring DJ's and producers pushing various styles of bass driven music. Be sure to get involved on this, in the comfort of your own home!

To watch live click >HERE< and click the "Watch Live" tab on the left hand side.

More information on this weeks show can be found >HERE<

Check them out on twitter @25sessions

Monday, 19 September 2011

Detonate - Friday 30th September

Detonates next event is up. This one sees Digital Soundboy owner SHY FX and Dub Police owner CASPA! Also on the night is Brookes Bros, Break, Spectrasoul, Jubei, Need For Mirrors & More! Get down to Stealth & Rescue Rooms on 30th Sept for this one.


Dogma & Play No Games Present

Notts collection Play No Games have teamed up with Dogma Presents to bring Dub Police's SUBSCAPE to Nottingham on Thursday 22nd September.

Of course on the support will be PNG members Fable / Solero / G-A. For free entry click on >MORE INFO<

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Casual Ghosts Audio #5 - Filthy Vicars

The next Casual Ghosts Audio is up! We are very proud to announce that #5 sees Filthy Vicars take on the wheels of steel in a 3 deck set!
This mix is filled with big tunes, big drops and loads of energy, so be sure to get on the download and tell a friend! With a mixture of grime, bass and dubstep, we are sure you'll enjoy it.

(available at 1000 listens! So tell a friend to tell a friend as this mix is filled with tracks you'll want to know! Check the mix below)

If you don't know much about the Filthy Vicars, then we caught up with them one night to find out exactly what there all about...(Check the interview below)

Filthy Vicars - 3 Deck Set for Casual Ghosts Blog by FILTHY VICARS

Casual Ghosts
First of all, big shouts for joining the Casual Ghosts Audio series, for all the readers who don't know much about you, can you share some information on who you are? And where you come from? And what "Filthy Vicars" is all about?

Filthy Vicars
Thanks for having us! Basically Filthy Vicars started out as a DJ duo from Coventry, playing Dubstep and Grime music mainly with anything else we rate chucked in, from Hip Hop to Garage and all sorts! We've now also started producing our own music, so hit up to keep updated with mixes and tracks!

Casual Ghosts
Sounds cool! Whats the scene like in Coventry at the moment? It seems to be something of an enigma...

Filthy Vicars
To be honest the scene has been quite dry here for a good while, since an event called "Vinyl Is" ended around 4 years ago. This has recently changed to a new night named "No Beef" starting up bringing something exciting and fresh back to Coventry. Shouts to Ryan, Dave, Tom and the rest of the "No Beef" crew.
We also have our own event coming up on the 11th November, but details of acts and everything else yet to be released!

Casual Ghosts
Good to hear! We look forward to hearing more closer to the date.
You seem to be crowd favourites in Birmingham. What are your links there?

Filthy Vicars
Yeah, Birmingham is like our second home, we entered a DJ competition over there for a residency slot at "Brum Goonies", we did well in the competition and a few weeks later got asked to be part of the collective. It was a move that proved very successful we seemed to gain a lot of recognition and more and more promoters started to book us.
Shouts to Ian, Jake, P0gman and all the other promoters over there for the regular bookings! And all the supporters that come to see us play!

Casual Ghosts
You mention that you've started out on the production front. How is that that going? Anyone you're taking inspiration from?

Filthy Vicars
Yeah we have been in the studio working hard on the productions. Taking inspiration from the likes of Skream, Benga, Joker, Trolley Snatcha, Spooky, J Sweet, Faze Miyake, P Money, Wiley etc. Then a lot of up and coming producers such as P0gman, Vodex, Badklaat, Antikz and a lot more!

Casual Ghosts
Any forthcoming projects/releases planned?

Filthy Vicars
Not really at that stage on the productions just yet, but hopefully won't be long! Next mix from us will be another video mix that you can check on
After out last one received over 4000 views within a month we decided we should continue to keep doing them so keep an eye out for more 3 or 4 deck madness!

Casual Ghosts
Originally you're both known for your hectic Grime and Dubstep selections, is there anything outside of those styles that inspires you?

Filthy Vicars
Yeah, Hip Hop, Garage, Drum & Bass, House, Reggae..everything really!

Casual Ghosts
So you've done a couple of sets for "Get Darker", how did this all come about? And have you received much of a reaction after featuring?

Filthy Vicars
We were regularly tuning in and really wanted to get involved so we sent an email to the Get Darker team (shouts to Darkside and Cyrus) and got a reply asking for a mix so we sent down a few mixes we had done and a few weeks later got a date to go down and perform

Casual Ghosts
Thats big moves! You guys are obviously known for your eclectic mixing selections, what are your top 5 tracks of 2011 so far and why?

Filthy Vicars
Terror Danjah - Full Attention is definitely a top 5. Anything this guy makes is fire! The vocal on the intro leading into the drop just creates a great build up for a huge drop
Spookys remix of Sukh Knights - Born Invincible has destroyed raves up and down the country, definitely a banger.
Dream - Keep Holding On is another one that has had the crowd jumping! Absolutely amazing vocals on the intro with a monster drop.
Hizzleguy has had a good year, probably "Dread" being a favourite. Heavy heavy bass and caused chaos at Subzero in Wolverhampton getting wheeled up 3 times!
Kozzie - Spartan Remix has been another one causing mosh pits everywhere we drop it.
Also P Money & Blacks - Going To War has been another big one. I know that's 6 but there's been so many!

Casual Ghosts
Finally, with you both being vicars and what not, do you play in full vicar attire? (Dog collar and all)

Filthy Vicars
Only if we play on a sunday!

Casual Ghosts
Haha! You've already done a few shouts, any more?

Filthy Vicars
Yeah, once again shout to all the Goonies, P0gman, Antikz, P Money, Kinzy, Vodex, Jakkum Sekkle, Vibez, Jake and the "Hype" crew, Four40 Records, all the Stayfresh Lads, Spooky, Soloman, Trilla, Logan Sama, DJ Cable, Dexplicit, Shocka D, Sam Stockmans and the Andwhat crew.
All the artists and producers that keep supporting us and all the people that come and support us!!
And of course the Casual Ghosts Crew

Wednesday, 14 September 2011